Best Medical Transcription Service in New Jersey

The field of Medical Transcription has become a global affair nowadays. And so the competition has increased tremendously. So if you are looking for a medical transcription service in New Jersey then you have a lot of options to choose from. So in this blog, I will be giving you a list of medical transcription services that you can fin in New Jersey and get your job done.

1. ScribeOn

The company is actually based in Florida but operates all over the United States. It offers medical transcription services to the physicians, medical practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapist, small clinics, and hospice houses to name a few. ScribeOn is known for its quality of service and maintaining the consistency in its work and giving 100% every time. The company has a team of experts which take care of each and every assignment in a professional manner.

The service of ScribeOn is meant to save your time from typing for long hours in EMR and EHR every time when a patient makes the visit. The turnaround time taken by the company is the maximum of 24 hours. Its services are completely integrated with EHR and EMR and it provides support for all of it. It includes Practice Fusion, Medi-EMR, CareCloud, GE Centricity, Prognosis, Allscripts, NextGen, UroChart EHR, AdvancedMD, Aprima EHR, eClinicalWorks, Quest Diagnostics, Epic, Care360, SOAPware to name a few.

Why choose ScribeOn?

  • Multiple dictations which are really easy
  • Secure transfer
  • Streamlined transcription process
  • Systematic editing and proofreading
  • Disciplined review processes

2. Words Unlimited

The company not only operates in the medical field but also in many other fields including legal and academics. The transcriptionists are well-worsed with all the knowledge and terminologies related to the medical field. And they make sure that accuracy and efficiency are maintained with every assignment.  The company also takes up full time and occasional assignments as per the convenience of the customer.

3. King Transcription Services

This AOC Certified and Federally approved medical transcription service is capable of transcribing all forms of audio and video files. The transcriptionists are well-qualified for the post that they have been appointed for. Also, all of them are really strict with the deadlines as all the assignments are delivers before time or on time.

The medical transcription company makes sure that they are taking care of the confidentiality and the accuracy is maintained with every document. The commitment that they ake to the client is purely genuine and fulfill it on time.

4. Transcription Services of Southern New Jersey

The main focus that the company gives is on the quality of the document. Since the physicians and the doctors are dependent on the report that the medical transcriptionists produce, they need to be really accurate. The transcriptionists that these medical transcription companies have are really knowledgeable, experienced and consistent in whatever they do.

The company has been successful in providing accurate and time transcriptions to the local physicians and doctors in the southern New Jersey.

5. Documed Medical Transcription

The medical transcription services that the company provides is much more than just providing the service. They care for their customers and that is why it is one of the popular medical transcription services among the people in New Jersey. Currently, it is documenting more than 20000 patient’s data every month. The company also operates its own school of medical transcription.

The confidentiality of the work is completely maintained and the work is not at all exported to foreign subcontractors. It makes sure that the turnaround time is followed and the delivery of the work takes place on the given time.

So the next time when you are looking for a medical transcription service in New Jersey, you have a ready list with you. Just choose the best one as per your need and go with it!



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