Top 10 Features of World Class Medical Transcription Company

Medical transcription is the most booming, demanding and has become the inevitable part of the medical profession. Because of its demands, a lot of new medical transcription companies are paving their way to this field to establish a secured position for themselves. But with a huge number, it is creating a confusion among the medical practitioners. They are giving it a lot of thought as to with which company they should go with. So to rub off the confusion, there are various tricks t find out the world class medical transcription company.

Many medical practitioners sometimes fail to choose the apt medical transcription service. They just look for low cost and fast turnaround time, but they neglect the other things. So in this case, this guide is going to help you find the best medical transcription service for your practice or hospital.

1. Dependable

It is important to keep the information of the patients confidential. And also it is the duty of the medical transcription company to keep each and every detail safe and secure without breaking any ways of confidentiality norms and regulations set by both the parties. It is also crucial to maintain all the past records of the medical practitioner so that he or she is able to build trust in that particular medical transcription company.

Also, the transcription service must maintain the client data for the future reference. So basically the service should be such that the hospital should completely rely upon without even having the second thoughts.

2. Efficient in their area of operation

when it comes to the medical transcription service, the efficiency is a big thing. Any mistake or fault may cause the life of the patient and that is so not acceptable. So the medical transcription services must hire those medical transcriptionists who are expert in this area and have a good amount of experience with the work.

When a copy is made, it is, of course, comes from the editing again because of some minute errors. So note that how much time the transcriptionist is taking to get back with the changes. Therefore, efficiency does count a lot in this area.

3. Turnaround time

The usual turnaround time is taken by a medical transcription service is 24 hours. So make sure that while choosing the service, it is already there, if the company is taking more than 24 hours, then do not even think of going with it. Also, there are various plans available where the turnaround time is around 2 to 3 hours depending upon the amount of work, But then in such cases, the price also increases.

4. The inclusion of latest technology

Make sure that the medical transcription service is making use of the latest technology to record and store the data safe. Look if the medical transcription service is making use of the latest Electronic Health record technology and the new speed recognition methods as it will make the work easier. This will reduce the number of errors while converting the voice notes into text format.

5. Online document management

It is no doubt a hassle to manage the documents of the clients physically. There are high chances of it getting misplaced. So make sure the medical transcription company which you are planning to hire is using the online document management system to keep everything handy and secure at the same time.

This also enables the medical transcription service to produce the document in less time span whenever they are demanded by the client.

6. Transparent billing mechanism

Usually, the billing is done after the 15 days of the completion of the work. So while choosing the service, you have to very careful as to how the medical transcription company is calculating the given work. It is always advised to the medical transcription companies to have a transparency when it comes to the money matters because many of them have hidden costs that are revealed later.

Also, if you are looking for a world-class medical transcription company, then be sure as these services never put any kind of contractual restrictions on the client.

7. Giveaway of free trials

The world-class medical transcription services always offer free trials. This gives the client an experience of the type of service they provide. So if any service is not offering free trials, do not go for it. As your money will get stuck there if you don’t like it or not be getting the desired quality. So make sure that the medical transcription service is giving you the free trial before finalizing anything.

8. Compliance with HIPPA regulations

In order to know the authenticity of the medical transcription service is it indeed important to know whether the service is in accordance with HIPPA rules or not. A reliable medical transcription service always follows the rules set by HIPPA. And to make sure, it is always mentioned on the website of every medical transcription company.

9. Maintaining accuracy in work

Accuracy is indeed important in this field otherwise it can cost the life of the patient which is not acceptable. So in order to have the work done in a proper manner, it is important that the medical transcriptionist is aware of all the terminologies. And if the transcriptionist knows his job then there are fewer chances of mistakes and the accuracy is thus maintained.

10. Availability to answer queries

It is not like that the doctor records the dictation, sends it to the transcriptionist. The transcriptionist then convert it into the text format and sends it to the doctor again and done. No, that is not the case. A transcriptionist should always be ready to listen to the queries of the client. A sometimes it may happen that the client is not able to understand what is written. Then in such cases, it is the duty of the transcriptionist to make the client understand and provide the solution of the query.

So if you are looking for a world-class medical transcription service then do not forget that you have to look for the above pointers. This will help you choose the best service for yourself and you will not face any inefficiency and inaccuracy.

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