We streamline your operations.

Hassle-free transfers teamed up with our talented and dedicated transcribers, you can count on us.

How It Works

Our clients count on us for being available to them for all sorts of assistance and services related to their medical transcription needs.  The idea is to streamline the whole process by offering clients ease of dictation methods, immediate allotments of dictations, and to strictly maintain the accuracy of reports.  Our clients appreciate the time-frame factor and quality level we practice on a consistent basis.

Easy Multiple Dictation

  • Digital Hand-held Recorder
  • Toll-free telephone dictation
  • Mobile Dictation –iPhone or Android
  • Dictate the way you like

Secure Transfer

  • Secure transfer of files
  • 528 bit encryption
  • HIPAA compliant
  • No lost dictation

Transcription Process

  • Immediate allotment of dictation
  • Dedicated transcriber for each account
  • Specialty-wise dictation allotment
  • EHR integration/insertion of transcribed reports

Editing and Proof-reading

  • Three-level transcription
  • Consistent Accuracy Guaranteed  
  • Client-wise specification check  
  • Formatting and patient demographics check

Secure Transfer

  • Secure transfer of files 
  •  528 bit encryption 
  •  HIPAA compliant
  •  No lost dictation

Ready for Review

  • Early morning delivery of reports 
  • Fast turn-around time 
  •  No lost dictation 
  • Easy access of report

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