Medical Transcription Services Rates of Popular Scribe Companies

The medical transcription services are picking up pace quickly these days. There are infinite medical transcription services that can be found in and around the United States. Also, when it comes to the medical transcription services rates, then they are also flexible. Since the competition here is much higher, every service is having a different rate card. The rates do vary but the standard medical transcription rate is charged on per line of text.

The average cost is around $0.12 to$0.14 per line, prices can actually range anywhere from $0.07 to $0.20 per line. It also depends on the service provider as sometimes they do provide a free trial. Many a time you will not be disclosed to the price unless you take a free trial. So it depends upon the company policy how they want to disclose the prices of their services. There are some industry standards set which helps to navigate regarding the pricing maze.  The Association for Healthcare Documentation already has a standardized line of transcription with 65 characters with spaces. So if you are writing Dear Madam, it will be 10 characters counting the space.

In this blog, I will be talking about the general rate card of few medical transcription services companies. This will give you a fair idea as to what usually is the rating system of the medical transcription services.

1. 2Ascribe

This medical transcription service has a simplified rate card. It charges around $0.20 per line which includes the space. Also, its price per minute of dictation is $2.80. Its per page transcription charge is $4. Generally, the pricing is for per page as no one counts the lines here because the transcriptions are so complex and large.


2. Transcription Outsourcing LLC

The transcription service usually charges on the basis of per line. It has a pricing range between 7 and 14 cents. it follows the industry standards of charging on the 65 character line. The rates of the medical transcription services also vary with the turnaround time, overall volume, type of transcription and many other factors.

The medical transcription service has given its annual transcription cost analysis on its website depending on how much time their employee works.


3. Ally Infokey

The medical transcription company claims itself as one of the most cost-effective service. It charges a competitive rate of 7 cents (USD) per line which according to them is the lowest in the whole world. the line charge medical transcription rate is calculated for per 65 characters that do not include space. Fonts, size, spacing, number of pages are not considered while deciding the medical transcription prices.

The service considers the number of printable characters divided by 65 characters and then multiplied by the prevailing rate which is 7 cents. The company also offers a 3 day free trial on request.

4. iDictate

The medical transcription company explains its rates as per the rush hours it faces on a daily basis. It has already bifurcated its prices on the basis of regular service, rush service, and super rush service. The regular services finish the job in 12 to 24 hours. The rush service puts the work above the regular service and generally has the turnaround time of about 2 hours, but it is not guaranteed.

When it comes to the super rush service, the transcription service generally aims to finish a 1000 word fie in a time span of 60 minutes. If the file is of 1000 to 2000 words then it takes around 2 hours. If taken the super rush service then the company charges the rate of five cents per word.


5. Transcription Star

This medical transcription service company has a different set up when it comes to charging a prize for the transcription. So it has a calculator in which you have to put the length of the file, a language which you want it to be translated, number speakers in the file and the turnaround time.

Once you put all the details, it will give you an estimated price, if you are feeling that the price they have quoted is correct, you can upload your file and get started with the transcription process.

transcription rate

Now that you have got a bit of an idea about what all is the structure of the rates of these medical transcription services. So from next time onwards, you be confident whenever approaching for a medical transcription service. Make sure that the rates are based on the blueprint of Association of healthcare documentation.

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