• EHR Integrated Transcription

    • No hassles of worrying about EHR
    • Seamless integration with EHR.
    • Transcribe/Insert report directly in EHR
    • Help you with “meaningful use” of EHR
  • Quality Medical Transcription

    • Transcriptions done manually
    • No use of voice recognition
    • Three levels of Transcriptions
    • Accuracy checked at each levels
  • Why ScribeOn Transcriptions

    • Experienced Staff
    • Customizable Turn Around Time (TAT)
    • Affordable Rates
    • Multiple Dictation Options

Welcome to ScribeOn Medical Transcription Service

Woman Doctor with Medical Transcription

Who are we?

ScribeOn Transcription is a rapidly-growing medical transcription service company. It caters medical transcription services to physicians, medical practitioners, chiropractors, physical therapist, small clinics, and hospice houses. ScribeOn has achieved success in terms of consistency, quality, accountability and most importantly customer satisfaction. We are a team of experienced and efficient transcriptionists, quality analysts, editors, and technicians.

What do we provide?

We provide the medical transcription services round the clock. As a result of this, ScribeOn is paving its way towards a successful path. ScribeOn provides outstanding transcription outsourcing to medical practice professionals to make their job simple, easier, and at a reasonable cost. We assure you to provide best medical transcription services.

Why us?

ScribeOn Transcription saves your time that you spend in typing for long hours in EHR/EMR every time for each patient. We just transcribe the amount of narrative that you want and paste into EHR/EMR that eases the burden. Our services are fully integrated with EHR/EMR and we provide support for almost all EHR/EMR like Practice Fusion, Medi-EMR, CareCloud, GE Centricity, Prognosis, Allscripts, NextGen, UroChart EHR, AdvancedMD, Aprima EHR, eClinicalWorks, Quest Diagnostics, Epic, Care360, SOAPware to name a few.

Why Choose Us

  • Accuracy

    Quality Checked at Each Level

    ScribeOn Medical Transcription guarantees a minimum accuracy of 99% and above. We do not use voice recognition software in order to maintain the quality of the report. Our aim is to make the reports as accurate as possible so that the errors are eliminated. This enables us to move to the next level in a channelized manner. Our medical transcription company consists of experienced transcribers who are working with us for a long time now. We can proudly say that our clients are completely satisfied with their work. We practice a three-level process for medical transcription.

  • Cost Effective

    No Hidden Charges

    We have long associations with our clients not only because of accuracy and reliability but also because we offer cheap transcription services. The pricing that we offer is quite affordable and low. No hidden costs are involved in the pricing. And we do not ask for any long-term contracts. There is no setup fee either. We save your time each day by offering transcription services at an affordable rate. And along with that, we promise to deliver it on time. This would definitely make you satisfied as to how much cost-effective we are.

  • Fastest

    As Needed Turn Around Time

    Our dedicated team of experts makes best efforts to produce the reports in time. This enables the medical transcriptionists to give more time to the patients in order to gain practical knowledge. We deliver your reports within a timeframe of 12 to 24 hours. Our goal is to save most of your valuable time. For any query, you can always get in touch with our customer support. We save your hours of work each day! As one of the top medical transcription companies, ScribeOn values the time of its clients and delivers the results as fast as possible.

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How our Medical Transcription Service Works

how scribeon medical transcription works

Who We Work For?

medical transcription to hospitals and medical groups

Hospitals And Multispecialty Group Practice

We offer client-specific customized medical transcription services that work seamlessly with EMR integrations. This is because the size of the dictations right from the patient’s schedules and visits are of large volumes. We can transcribe reports directly into EMR system by suggesting specifications. This gives more time to interact with the patient rather than keeping yourself engaged with transcription and EMR hassles.

private medical officers medical transcription services

Small Physicians Group Practices And Independent Healthcare Practitioners

The physicians rely on us heavily for the reports of frequent patient scheduling or further referrals. Since it is a daily practice they do, so they demand the transcriptions on time. Our medical transcription company takes care of the patient schedule along with its reports, templates, format specification, instructions to name a few.

independent healthcare providers

Doctors From Various Different Locations

Being a highly HIPAA compliant medical transcription service provider, the Medical Practitioners have the liberty to give dictation from their respective locations. They can also locate and access the reports securely whenever they want. Also, there will be no chance of any miscommunication during the dictation even if it is taking place at a different location.

medical transcription services for Doctors

Nursing Homes/Hospices

We deliver reports to Nursing homes and hospice services on a daily basis. This is because they have patients visiting daily there, so the reports are required every day. The chances of losing the transcription are nullified. Our team works ethically to serve the needs of the client on a consistent basis. The medical transcription reports can be securely accessed. Also, we have a provision of archiving the reports for a time frame that is chosen by you.

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What our clients say?

My less volume of work and random dictation pattern, I need worry not.  I have been working with ScribeOn for at least five years now.  

 R. Farina

Dictation options are flexible and I get reports in time.  The reports are up to mark, I mean when it comes to specifications or instructions, you can say that I am particular about.   

E. Smith

The consistency in quality is what keeps me working with ScribeOn.  My backlog got cleared, and that was a relief. 

P. Robertson