What is AHDI Certified Transcription Program and How to Find Accredited Online Medical Transcription Service

The profession of medical transcriptionists is gaining momentum these days. As the job is in high demands and the supply is less, there is a scope to take up AHDI certified transcription courses. Opting for accredited online medical transcription programs, you get a higher value in the market. Medical transcriptionist services keep all the records with them. Those who study medical transcription, learn how to transcribe the audio files into textual formats. It is not just about listening and writing. One has to have a sound knowledge of the medical terminologies and English language in order to produce detailed and accurate reports.

Medical transcription is considered as the most critical aspect of the medical sector. A medical transcriptionist does not interact with the patient directly, in fact, he or she is the person who is working from behind the scenes. These days a lot of students are turning towards a career of the medical transcriptionist.

There are many AHDI (Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity) certified transcription programs available. Students can choose from their variety of courses to become a professional medical transcriptionist.

What is AHDI

The Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) is a recognition of the medical transcription profession. Earlier,  AHDI was teaching the students about what medical transcriptionists do and how their work is responsible for the quality of healthcare services. In the year 2012, AHDI started off with healthcare documentation specialists. It included many responsibilities and services which can be beneficial in creating accurate and high-level patient care records.

As AHDI provides online courses, it is possible for almost everyone to pursue the course. Accreditation is an important element while considering medical transcription profession. AHDI gives accreditation to only selective medical transcription certificate programs. This is because those programs fulfill the standard of medical transcription profession.

Find Accredited Medical Transcription Institute

The accreditation of the medical transcription program depends on the accreditation of the school. If the campus of the school has an accreditation then the programs also usually have it. In order to check the accreditation of the school, you can visit the website and dig out all the information. Also, make sure if the school is registered in the directory of accredited schools with the agencies.

For instance, Central New Mexico Community College, Madison Area Technical College, San Antonio College, US Career Institute offer recognized courses in medical transcription.

AHDI Certified Transcription Program

Why have certification

It is easy to become a medical transcriptionist as anyone can translate the audio file into text. But a certification holds a lot of importance. Having a certification in healthcare documentation makes you more trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of employers and patients.

A certification validates your array of knowledge and skills to employers. This may give you access to preferential hiring/employment practices. Being a certified transcriptionist, it keeps you in a win-win situation as you are the preferred material everywhere.

AHDI offers two credentials for the medical transcriptionists.

  • Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist (RHDS) for Level 1 and
  • Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist (CHDS) for Level 2.

AHDI offers voluntary credentialing exams to individuals who are willing to showcase job readiness and competency to prospective employers, clients, and industry leaders. The credentials are issued in the best interest of the patients and the employer.

The List of Training Courses

There are around 7 training courses that AHDI offers.

  1. Mastering the Electronic Health Record (EHR) course
  2. Online Training Courses by OAK Horizons
  3. Acute Care Module Online Courses
  4. RHDS Study Course
  5. CHDS Study Course
  6. RHDS Recredentialing Course
  7. CHDS Bridge Course (for CMTs)

Once you do one of the above course, there is an exam that you have to give. In order to give the exam, you have to sign up and apply for exam eligibility and pay the $10 processing fee. Once you do that you will receive an authorization test email within 5 business days.

After that, you will be able to log into Kryterion (AHDI’s testing partner) to purchase a practice exam. You can also purchase and schedule your credentialing exam.

AHDI Exam Schedule and Fees

It is actually a necessity to do certifications in this field as it gives a credibility and also a pay rise in the long run. The certification acts as a proof of your medical transcriptionist skills.

In order to begin with the career in medical transcription, you can give an exam to become a certified Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT). Once you get the RMT certification, you must have an experience of 2 years after that. Once you complete 2 years, you become eligible for the exam of Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT).

This is an advanced certification that showcases more knowledge and expertise in the prescribed field. When it comes to the field of medical transcriptionists, it is vital to update the skills otherwise the certification expires after three years.

Find Accredited Medical Transcription Service

In order to find the accredited medical transcription service, you can mail and ask here at credentialing@ahdionline.org. Also, you can ask what all can be done to get your medical transcription service an accreditation of AHDI. Having an accreditation makes your service an authorized one. So make sure that your service has it.

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