Top 10 EHR Softwares to Maintain Health Records and Medical Transcription Effectively

The medical field is experiencing advancements on a daily basis. With many medical transcription services pitching in this sector, the job of the doctors has become easy. Medical transcription services take up all the load of the doctors and provide them with the simplified reports that they aim for. You can find all the information in one place with EHR software health records. The safest way to save the records for doctors, as well as the experienced medical transcriptionist, is to maintain EHR software medical transcriptions.

The patient information, transcription files can be all found at one place with just one click. This software help in streamlining the process as all the work lies in one place. You do not have to search anywhere and the paperwork is also saved. In this blog, I am going to tell you the top 10 EHR software that will help in keeping the health records and the medical transcriptions.


ChARM EHR software

The integrated solution of the tool comprises of Practice Management, TeleHealth, Patient Engagement, and medical transcription. The solution is helpful in increasing the way the patients are being treated. The software focuses on pay per use model. So when you are not using it, do not pay for it.

The UI of the software is capable of providing a seamless experience on every device. This cloud-based solution does not require any hardware or software installation and also it does not require any maintenance cost.

2. PrimeSuite

Primesuite EHR

This cloud-based software helps in managing the practice of the doctor and helps in maintaining the patient’s records. It also offers more than sharable and personalized templates.

It captures all the data right from the incoming of the patient till the completion of the treatment. This also helps the doctor in case of finding out any history of the patient. The medical transcription records are maintained securely. The price of the software is $20,000.

3. NueMD

NueMD helps in simplifying the information of the patient with its health records software. It helps in updating the patient’s data in real-time. The software includes the patient portal, e-prescribing, e-labs, patient chart management.

The patient portal helps the medical institute to make the patients stay updated about the recent whereabouts, share diagnosis and reports. Also, the patients can schedule visits with the help of this platform.

neumd ehr software

4. AllScripts Professional EHR

If you are a small and mid-sized physician, then this is the perfect software for you. This helps in providing safer patient care, channelizes the operations and helps in increasing the revenue. The software is used by many medical homes and medical centers who are keenly focused on the patients.

The software can be easily installed on Windows and iOS devices. The platform helps in integrating clinical and financial errands of a hospital and a clinic. It has two more EHRs named Paragon and Sunrise for finance and ambulatory care respectively.

5. iPatientcare EHR

This cloud-based platform provides numerous services. This includes ambulatory and specialty EHR, practice management system, revenue management cycle, patient engagement, quality improvement consulting etc. More than 70000 people are making use of this software in order to streamline the processes in their hospitals and clinics.

Its HIPPA compliant servers take care of daily backups, disaster recovery, and gives a secure access to the providers. Most importantly, the providers have access to their data all the time. If in case the provider wishes to discontinue the service, the company gives back all the data.

6. SoftClinic

The software controls the complete flow of the hospital and the clinic. There are separate portals for patients, physicians, and hospitals which makes it look clean and hassle-free. The patient knows where he has to go and the physicians know where they have to look for.

The EHR helps in digitizing the complete record of the patient so that the doctor’s practice is managed with ease. the EHR software helps in strengthening the relationship between a patient and the doctor. Its simple workflow helps in giving more focus on the patients than other work. The software also provides easy to use billing systems.

7. EHR 24/7

EHR 24/7

The EHR solution helps in providing a streamlined workflow and empowers the physicians to work in every aspect of their profile. Its web-based solution gives anytime access to the patient’s records. It also has the perk of the pay-per-performance feature.

It offers real-time reporting results along with electronic prescribing. So the paperwork here gets completely eliminated. Also, the setup of the software comes for free of cost.

8. Intelligent Medical Software

This Electronic Healthcare Record software fulfills the needs of over 25 specialties.Its all-in-one practice management and billing software enable the doctors to cater the best solution to their patients.

It streamlines the flow of practice and also optimizes the financial performances. Its user-friendly platform is adaptable to every device, be it desktop or mobile. Its set of tools helps the doctors to find out any inefficiencies and glitches in the system and rectify those.

9. Healthie

It is a cloud-based practice management and telehealth platform that saves up to 40% of the time spent at the back-office managing all the paperwork. The software helps in expanding the array of services and helps in getting more clients.

The platform also helps in building a relationship with the clients and take a good care of them virtually. The platform has HIPPA and PCI compliant security.

10. Azalea Health

The platform helps the clinical side connect well with the financial side. The fully integrated solution is there to help almost all sizes of medical practices.

This includes Electronic Health Records, practice management, electronic prescribing, interoperability services, personal health records, patient portal, telehealth, Azalea M mobile platform integrated with Apple HealthKit, as well as Revenue Cycle Performance services.

Above tools are the top 10 EHR software through which you can maintain the health records and the medical transcriptions. These softwares are there to lend you a helping hand in streamlining all your medical processes. So choose one and get going towards a well-managed successful path.

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