9 Ways to Find the Best Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription is the booming field these days and has become a highly paid profession. Medical transcription holds a lot of importance in the medical field. Accuracy and timeliness is absolutely needed here otherwise the things can go wrong big time and to find medical transcription services is quite a task.

The medical transcriptions service should not only focus on practitioners but also the general public should be able to understand what is written in there.

Also it is important for insurance companies to get a hang of it properly in order to claim medical and accidental insurances. Thus, it is important to find best medical transcription services.

Finding Medical Transcription Service For Your Need

Generally, practitioners have three main areas to choose from for transcription: perform transcription in-house, outsource it to a medical transcription service, or use voice-recognition software to digitally translate verbal dictation into the written word.

But out of them, outsourcing it to a medical transcription services seems to be the most convenient option. They have the set-up ready, all you have to do is give the raw material and get the final product.

Here are the 9 ways to find the best medical transcription service for you!

1. Cost effective best medical transcription services

Check the previously used cost for each line or word or character. It differs from agency to agency. Usually, the cost is decided on the “Visible Black Character” (VBC). So make sure that you are aware of all the intricacies of how much you are willing to pay.

It is undoubtedly a non-negotiating thing that  if you are pouring money, then results ought to be excellent. So the service should be cost effective and worth to what you have invested. Also it a question of your patients, they should be able to understand it properly and there should be no errors.

2. Check responsiveness

It is important to check the turnaround time of the transcription services agency that you have hired. Usually the turnaround time is about 24 hours, but there are times when the work gets completed before that but there are companies who have a different rate for quick completion of documents. So make sure that your work is done within 24 hours, if that is not happening, look around for better options for better results.

3. Hidden fees and document management system:

To find best medical transcription services, it is necessary to do research. Check out the websites of various agencies and then list down the requirements. Many of the agencies have hidden fees which they don’t disclose initially.

Be sure of the fact that there are no charges for faxing and template customization. Also, find some companies that provide free of cost backup services along with free storage. This ensures that you have a backup in case of emergency and your data is safe.

4. Chose proper encryption

Choose encryption that maintains privacy and accuracy of data. Make sure that the agency you are choosing is completely HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant and adheres to HIPAA rules and provide top of the line physical and informational security.

Medical transcriptions service allows only limited and authenticated access to your data. An encrypted password and personal identification is provided for user authentication. HIPAA requires at least 128-bit encryption, though some services use even stronger encryption.

5. Data capturing methods

Look for how the agency captures the dictation. Whether they are using the traditional phone call capturing method or using some web-based softwares. Some use digital hand-held recorders, some prefer toll free telephone dictation or some use mobile dictation. Many agencies support the mobile application on Androis and iOS.

Once the voice files are received by transcriptionist, the transcriptions are documented before commencing the transcription work.

6. Certified transcriptionists

Make sure the transcriptionists that the agency has are well-worse with the medical field. This is a specialty field, therefore experts must understand the medical terminologies in a better way.

Therefore, it is vital to make sure that the company you are hiring has the expertise in the prescribed field. This can also be done by checking the reviews and examining their previous worksheets. Another thing can be done is to check the certifications of the experts there so that you are ensured that nothing is wrong.

7. Be vocal about contractual terms

While taking the final call, always be wise and vocal about the contractual terms. If you are not feeling right about something then speak up and make it clear. Now it is not necessary to sign a contract for one to two years. But there are some agencies who offer long-term contracts on the basis of low cost. But don’t fall for that. Even if you have signed for an agency then instruct your team to look for better vendors that offer good deals. Avoid locking yourself in long term plans of such agencies. Search those companies that offer one or two month contracts. Look for your convenience.

8. check if softwares sync with your prevailing systems

Always check that whatever software you are using for recording the dictation syncs well with electronic health records (EHR). The main aim of such softwares that it should be able to communicate properly with the existing systems because that contains the database of your work.

Since, the digital world is growing faster on a daily basis, it is important to keep all the systems updated and upgraded with the current technology and it won’t be supportive in the longer run.

9. Check the review system of medical transcription services

When it comes to medical, the data hygiene is important. Any mistake can cost big. Thus, always ask the review system of the transcript agency as to how many times do they review with the existing contract. Because there are some agencies who charge extra for reviewing the transcripts. So make sure that they have a properly layered editing and proof-reading system with utmost accuracy of data.

It should include client-wise specification check and formatting and patients demographic check. Also when the report is sent to the client, it should be easy to access so that the process is hassle free from both ends.

Now make sure, that you follow all the instructions before finalizing the contract with any medical services agency. Sit and negotiate on all the terms and pay for what is required. Keep everything transparent and work hand in hand. Always remember that, a good medical transcription agency is the one who takes care of patients and practitioners both while keeping the accuracy of your work.

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