How to Find Home Based Medical Transcription Jobs Online

Are you an expert in typing? Do you have excellent listening skills? Then home based medical transcription jobs can give you a lot of money and fulfill your dreams. Read this article to know how to earn money through medical transcription from home.

Many people are preferring working from home these days. You can get paid heavily for doing online jobs. As employers are supporting the idea of hiring freelancers, the work from home industry is booming nowadays. No need catch the bus, train, no need to drive through heavy traffic attend the office and meetings, no need to face the boss, nothing! Just sit back and enjoy the work by having a cup of coffee at your home.

Medical transcription is the process of listening to audio files from medical professionals and transcribing them into written documents. Once the audio file is in written format, it becomes part of the patient’s permanent medical record. You can get a lot of home-based medical transcription jobs and you can do medical transcription from home. The Medical transcription is one such industry where working from home is not just a possibility, but actually a preferred arrangement for both users and providers of this service.

The whole process starts when the patient sees the doctor. After that visit, the doctor will dictate his report into a phone or a microphone. That dictation is captured on a voice capturing system. After that, the voice file is then downloaded to the medical transcriptionist. Medical transcription editors use speech recognition software where the text file is generated by audio. These editors correct the mistakes in that text file.

How to find home based medical transcription jobs online?

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You can simply google ‘how to find home based medical transcription jobs online’ or ‘medical transcription from home’ and you will get many results. There are a lot of online platforms available where you can get jobs for medical transcription from home.

I am listing some of those platforms below:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Upwork
  4. Amphion Medical
  10. TranscribeMe
  11. Medtrans

Pre-requisites to work for home based medical transcription jobs

You should be trained with proper skill sets before starting a career in medical transcription. So get trained by the professionals from well-known training institute. Medical transcription training normally includes coursework in medical terminology, anatomy, editing, grammar, and punctuation. It also includes typing, medical record types and formats, and healthcare documentation. You need to practice a lot before starting a home-based job. Some medical facilities require six months of on-site work before allowing a medical transcriptionist to work from home. Others may require experience before you’re allowed to take work home. Some of the requirements for you to start the job from home are:

  1. Fast typing skills
  2. Good listening skills
  3. Speech recognition software
  4. Knowledge of medical terms
  5. Laptop and internet connection.

You can join professional’s association like Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). This gives you an access to other professionals in the field. Through them, you can get many opportunities. As well, you can get certified also. Such kind of voluntary certification can improve one’s job prospects in this field. A recent graduate or someone with fewer than two years of experience in acute care can become a Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT) after passing a test administered by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI).

How much one can earn from home based medical transcription jobs

According to, the average pay for medical transcriptionist is $26,882/yr. And the highest salary is $42,000/yr.

You can get paid on an hourly basis also. The hourly wage range is $7 to $32.80.

Some key job duties as a medical transcriptionist

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  • Recording information
  • Distinguish between confusing information
  • Identifying mistakes
  • Data entry and data retrieval
  • Produce medical reports
  • Enter medical reports into electronic health records (EHR) systems
  • Perform quality improvement audits

Benefits of career in Medical Transcription

1. Stay at home, with family

It is the biggest advantage to opt for home based medical transcription jobs that you can work from home. You can stay with your family at home and can balance the time between work and family.  it’s possible to have the best of both worlds.

2. Flexible timings

It is the main reason people prefer working from home that it provides flexibility. You can decide your own schedule to work. So long as you are conscious of your deadlines and don’t miss out on them, you can work at any time that’s convenient for you.

3. Employment security

The number of jobs in this fields is more than the number of people working in the field. You can check many job placement websites to see the number of openings for medical transcriptionist.

4. Increase in productivity

Accuracy is the key and very important component of medical transcription. The transcribed file should be as accurate as possible. Working on this aspect makes you more accurate and productive. It enhances your skills and productivity.

5. Skills are high in demand

As the healthcare sector is growing rapidly, demand for skilled and qualified medical transcriptionists continues to increase  There will always be jobs available for medical transcriptionists.

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