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HIPAA Compliance

We protect your data and do strictly safeguard them from any unauthorized access

All the services rendered by ScribeOn to its clients are carried out in true allegiance with the established HIPAA guidelines and are handled with utmost care at every step of the involved processes to insure that all the security and compliance guidelines are met in totality all the time.

ScribeOn implements strict and suitable measures to safeguard against unlawful admission to and protect the integrity and privacy of electronically protected health information that is transmitted over an electronic communication network while the data is in transfer when the communication is initiated by ScribeOn.

ScribeOn applies strict and suitable measures intended to make certain that computing devices and electronic storage media covered by this policy will be installed, located and used in a way that minimizes the unlawful or incidental revelation of electronically protected health information.

ScribeOn personnel and business associates will utilize practical and proper protection when receiving, storing, using, transferring or disposing of computing devices or electronic storage media that store electronically protected health information.