Top 10 Medical Transcription and Scribe Companies in Florida

The medical transcription services are in huge demand these days. With the number of increasing hospitals, clinics, doctors and concerned patients in the healthcare sector, the medical fraternity demands the explicit transcription services. And when it comes to a state like Florida, medical transcription in Florida is no doubt gaining momentum. With a numerous number of medical scribes in Florida coming up these days, the industry is going to get competitive in the next few years. Florida medical transcription services which are pretty good, affordable and accurate can be found in almost all the major cities including Miami, Orlando, Tampa to name a few.

In this blog, I will list top 10 medical transcription services based in the state of Florida.

1. ScribeOn

ScribeOn is a medical transcription company that provides transcription services to the healthcare industry. It caters to quality and cost-effective transcription service along with EMR solutions and document management systems.

The service saves around 35 to 40 percent of cost during the whole transcription process, so is very affordable. But it is at the same time one of the most accurate transcription providers in Florida.

Also, they provide multiple dictation options to the client. This includes toll-free dictation from any phone, dictation through digital recorders and dictation via iPhone, Android or any other smartphone. Also, the turnaround time is 24 hours or sometimes the assignment can be delivered early as well, depending on the urgency.

Medical Transcription Service in Florida

Since the medical transcription company is in compliance with HIPPA guidelines, the whole process is streamlined. The confidentiality of the documents is completely maintained by the company. There are multiple delivery options available. Also, the number of revisions are flexible.

How the medical transcription service works

The service just has 5 simple steps to follow:

  • Record the dictation on the devices which are available to you. Be it phone or telephone or hand recorder.
  • The dictations are securely transferred to the designated transcriber.
  • Then the transcription process takes place.
  • After the transcription, the editing and proof-reading work are performed.
  • After that, it is securely transferred to the client for the review process.

2. Doctorsdocs Medical Transcription

The service claims to be the most accurate one among all the other medical transcription services in Florida. Every document they come across is handled and assigned to an experienced medical transcriptionist. It also provides billing and coding services to the client.

Also, it has revenue cycle management. The company has more than 10 years of experience in this field and works 7 days a week.  When the work is assigned to the transcriptionist, the client gets to track the progress of the work and receives an automatic email once the project is done.

3. Thomas Transcription Services

Quality and professionalism are what you get at Thomas. The service covers various aspects of the healthcare industry. This includes the reports on patient history, consultations, discharge summaries etc.

When it comes to different accents, their team is capable of transcribing from any kind of accent. The service is HIPPA compliant and uses the latest technology to transcribe the dictations. The transcription is done through audio, video and calls.

4. MedsScribe Information Systems

A service if medical transcription in Florida, the company has more than 25 years of experience in the field of medical transcription. The service offers various cycle management solutions for the health system, hospital, clinics, and physicians.

The company not only provides transcription services but also offers coding services, EMR/EHR optimization and voice recognition services. It customizes the medical transcription services as per the demand from the client.

5. Same Day Transcription

As the name goes, the company focuses on providing the service on the same day depending on the incoming time of the assignment. With its most reliable, top-quality and confidential service, the clients prefer to go with this.

The file can be sent to the company in thee simple steps. Upon in, select the delivery date and upload the file. The company has delivered over 2 million transcriptions till date. Many hospitals and medical groups in Florida are preferring this service for the transcription purpose. All the work is kept in 100 percent confidentiality.

6. SmartDoc Inc

The company offers transcription, EMR, medical insurance and editing services to the client. The company has a 24 hours turnaround policy. Also, it has all-time access to the online storage. The professional and trained staff is committed to working towards the client service all the time.

The company not only offers medical transcription, but it also provides legal and general transcription services. The client has all the access to the documents and can track the process easily. Also, a complete confidentiality of the documents is maintained.

7. Transcription South Inc

With 31 years of expertise in the field of medical transcription in Florida, the company claims to have a 30 minute to 24 hours of turnaround time. The company provides transcription services to single doctors, clinics, special practices, and hospitals.

Also, it keeps the digital record of every client for the future references.  The transcriptions are all web-based and the company does not charge any setup fees as well. The flexible transcription service provides an ease to the clients at every level.

8. Physicians Independent Management Services Inc

The company claim’s itself as the “nation’s expert” in the field of medical transcription. The company has a suite of all the services related to medical transcription in Florida right under one roof. And it also gives 100 percent audit protection. Its medical transcription department is headed by certified coders who are continuously engaged in providing in-depth reviews.

The service is also a cost saver but it makes sure to maintain the quality of the transcripts.

9. Dr. Scribe, Inc.

It is one of the leading Internet-based medical transcription services that enables the doctors to give dictation on their mobile phones or online voice recorders.

This medical transcription in Florida also has a zero setup cost and the accuracy is 100 percent. The service also has EMR integration and provides service 24 hours and 365 days. The service offers a one-click edit along with multiple revisions.

10. Resource Providers Inc

It is a health information technology company that offers internet-based medical transcription solutions to the clients. It is HIPPA compliant and has an integration with EMR. This allows to securely check the status of the project through the internet.

The service supports toll-free dictation calls, handheld recorders, and client’s in-house systems for recording. The company currently handles the records of over 3 million patients.

The above are the top 10 medical transcription services based in Florida, USA and caters best medical transcription in Florida. Hope, the list is useful to you and if you are looking for a medical scribe in Florida, go with anyone from the above.

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