10 Qualities of a Professional Medical Transcriptionist that Employers Look For

The medical transcription services are in demand these days. As the technological advancements are taking a big leap, every service is picking up the pace. And when it comes to a medical transcriptionist, the profession is really high paying. The role of a medical transcriptionist is very important in the medical sector. It needs a lot of accuracies and transcribing any verbally recorded notes or reports into written is indeed a difficult task.

Many times it happens that the mistakes are made in the copy which leads to numerous correction rounds. So a medical transcriptionist nullifies this process as he or she has the expertise in making an accurate copy. The turnaround time is important in this profession but it should not hamper the quality of work.

Here are the top 10 qualities that a professional medical transcriptionist must have

1. Medical expertise

Considering the profession, it is a fundamental quality that a medical transcriptionist must have. Knowing all the medical terminologies is a compulsory thing. The terms like cardiology, radiotherapy, endoscopy to name a few should be familiar to the transcriptionist. This will only help in enhancing the quality of work as the transcriptionist will be aware of what he or she is doing.

2. Typing accuracy and speed

A job of transcriptionist is to type down the recorded form into text. So for that, it is important to have typing accuracy. The errors are not expected from a medical transcriptionist as it will have an adverse effect on the further chain. Accuracy is also important because of the technicalities.

Therefore, the writing has to be error-free and the transcriptionist should be able to identify the terminologies said by the doctor in the recording.

Along with typing accuracy, it is important to have good typing speed. This is because the turnaround time matters the most in this profession. The deadlines are sometimes really short. Thus, having a fast typing speed is needed here.

3. Grammar and syntax

A job of a medical transcriptionist is really critical and it needs a lot of attention. A transcriptionist produces reports, notes, documents for which the grammar has to be impeccable. Everything in the copy should be grammatically correct and easily readable.

Also, there are tools available to check the grammar and punctuations. But lacking in this area is not a good idea to go with.

Grammar, punctuation, format, and style are all integral parts of a medical record. Knowledge in these areas is essential to any medical transcription training program.

4. Multitasking

The profession is bound to deadlines. So having the ability to multitask is a must. There may be times when you have to listen and type at the same time, so you should be prepared for such situation as well. Also, there will be other tasks to be completed with some tasks, so having the ability to perform well with multiple tasks is required.

Doing the research, making clarifications at the same time will happen at times. So basically, a medical transcriptionist should be prepared for all types of situations.

5. Critical thinking

Sometimes, a medical transcriptionist is required to prepare some complex report. Therefore, in such situation, the critical thinking is really needed. To generate such reports is a difficult task, but having the capacity to think analytically will make the job easy. So, an employer always looks for such transcriptionists who have the capacity to think critically in such situations and also have the ability to solve the problems.

6. Computer literacy

As the technology is evolving on a daily basis, it is important for the transcriptionists to stay updated. It is necessary to be comfortable in using a computer and to be familiar with different types of word processing programs or software applications that may be used. At times, research may be necessary as well.

Being a person who is able to adjust to the technology will be able to survive here. If the transcriptionist knows how to operate the computer, then he or she will be able to use the tools that are needed during the work.

7. Strong listening skills

Having good listening skills and a strong memory is a bonus in this profession. An employer always looks for a person who is a skilled listener and is able to memorize the medical terms. There might be times when the transcriptionist will come across different accents. So to be able to hear and jot down properly will be important.

There are medical terms that are in Latin or Greek, listening to those attentively won’t make any mistake in the copy.

8. Tendency to research

Though medical expertise is necessary here, there may be times, when the transcriptionist is not aware of some terms. So having the openness to learn and research in such areas is important. If something is not familiar, then he or she should have the tendency to research in such areas and then applying the knowledge. The urge to research on new topics makes a good medical transcriptionist. Because, there are new medical inventions taking place every day, so knowing all of it will definitely need a deep research.

9. Concentration

The job of a medical transcriptionist is very critical and difficult. Therefore, the concentration is really important in this profession. To listen to different accents, new medical terms is not an easy job. A transcriptionist may have to sit for long hours to produce the report. So without getting restless, he or she should be able to concentrate there and complete the job within the deadline.

Having a good concentration at work will enhance the accuracy and the quality of work.

10. Attentive

Attentiveness is definitely a need here. Sometimes, the recording may be fast, so having the ability to listen to it with utmost attention will be helpful. A medical transcriber must pay attention to the minute details. He or she must be able to catch the mistakes and inconsistencies in the transcripts. He or she should be able to rectify these through research or consulting whoever made the original notes.

So, if you think that you possess all the above qualities then it is time for you to apply for medical transcriptionist job. The employers are very critical while choosing the apt person as this field requires tremendous medical knowledge. There are others elements as well that are associated with this, but the above pointers are the “must haves” in this profession. So get going and test your knowledge here!

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